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In 1980, Kimura, Okazaki and 3 others formed a industrial rock/free music band called Negative Dissolute. For about 2 years, based in Nagoya, they specialized in punk/new wave rock. In 1981, in Nagoya, at "Improvisation Workshop featuring Derek Bailey", they met Yanagawa. Since then, Yanagawa and Okazaki have organized dozens of non-idiomatic live improvisation gigs such as "Me Sa ! ke Kita ? Mimi", "Pulsschlag" and "Psychic Exchanges" with Tom Cora, Nachtluft, Christoph Gallio, Kickwada, John Zorn, Ikue Mori, Kenichi Takeda, Jun Mizukami, Kamura, Tenko, Takeo Suzuki, Hideaki Shimada, Issei Furuta and others.

In 1989, Yanagwawa, Kimura and Okazaki formed a noise band called Dislocation and started recording immediately. In autumn 1990, Kiyokawa joined them. They have played with other artists (see live data), including musicians, film and video producers and performers at live concerts.

Yanagawa's alto saxophone appeals at least in part of his fixation with technique. In a radical to his Dislocation actively, he actively plays with other musicians in a radical free improvised music genie. The electro/acoustic sounds(played by Kimura's prepared guitar and Okazaki's electronics) creates a hard-edged eccentric electronic environment featuring a density and controlled flow of sound. Kiyokawa manipulates moods through his performance and reacts to the audience's reciprocation.

Dislocation creates an original atmosphere through sound. Spiritual interaction between the band members produced the origial sound of Dislocation. They are searching for a sound which eliminates cliched messages. Dislocation aims creating pure cosmic dust, or noise.

DISLOCATION has continued their activities. On February in 2004 the band performed in Seoul and attracted the Korean audience.

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